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Default Re: Michael Jackson Girlfriend

Originally Posted by 32jazz
MJJ at 70 is a horrible thought. He probably would have been a total recluse by them however. I'm just glad he saw the O2 sell out(55 shows) in a couple hours & knew he was still beloved before he died.

Don't like the record Girlfriend ,but I wonder did Terminator/L Kizzle(or whomever) ever know that Michael actually had his own original Demo of PYT(with Greg Phillanges) that was totally reworked by singer James Ingram & Quincy Jones?
The PYT on Thriller was the only song given Co credit(Ingram) to Jones on any MJJ works ,but it was a total rework of a MJJ song.

Just discovered the Michael Jackson(Phillanges)version of PYT :

Almost Jazzy. Have you guys ever heard this original version of PYT? Thoughts? Just search PYT DEMO youtube.
Wow they really re-worked PYT, I like it more uptempo as a pop type track rather than a laid back R&B type track.

The keyboard in PYT during the chorus is what made the song to me, it was the synthetic funk sound along with the "P Y T" chorus that makes it such a great song to dance to. No matter your age.

And I always liked the "Girlfriend' track, it was somewhat a bubble gum track but his voice is what makes the song. It makes you smile.
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