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Default Re: Michael Jackson Girlfriend

Originally Posted by 32jazz
The Rock With You Video intrigued you ? I hope it wasn't the tight sequins Just kidding.

Nothing wrong with that every one who saw him did it at that time man. It was Michael & then everyone else. I remember Prince & Rick James being far seconds.

Dr. Dre even wore tight sequins like that when he was a R&B producer(Pre Hip Hop) & even today Gangsta Rappers bowdown to Mike

There are still a 'few' people who don't realize (they should a bit more now) how big/important/beloved Michael was/is .
People also dont even realize hes responsible for now one of the more popular songs that has been brought back to peoples memories:

Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me

Nobody remembers any of Rockwell's lyrics, only the chorus thanks to MJ.

I also believe Michael's presence in the 80's caused every artist to step their game up, specifically George Michael who tried to challenge MJ with his album "Faith" back in 87' or 88' but I know it was around the time MJ dropped "Bad".
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