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Default Re: American girl gets a whopping in Cancun

Originally Posted by PistolPete
I would seriously lay that dude out. You just don't hit a woman, let alone take her feet out so she can fall flat on her ass and hit her head on the pavement in the process.
Why? Because they are the "weaker sex"? How is that different than a man who is smaller and weaker than you? Would you feel the same way about refusing to hit him if he threw a drink in your face? If the issue is physical weakness, then you would only hit somebody your size or larger, regardless of sex.

If women want to be equal to men, want the same pay, want to fight in the military, etc, then they should accept EVERY single aspect of being equals, which includes physical altercation. Throwing a drink in someone's face is a physical instigation, and any man who does that to another man expects physical retaliation. Why should a woman be any different? There are some women who think they can do whatever they want and can't be touched, and that is something I can't stand.
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