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Default Re: American girl gets a whopping in Cancun

Originally Posted by PistolPete
Not the point. He took her legs out and she could have severely gotten hurt.

Dude's a prick

i dont know

it seems to me that women are getting away with this kind of crap far too much sometimes a b!tch needs a good beating

for example

i was at the mall one day with some freinds,we see in the parking lot 2 fat black chicks standing next to a car screming crap at some teenage white kids,the guys were parked but couldnt move cuz the black chicks were in the way,black chicks start kicking the car they finally move out of the way so the car goes in reverse to leave the parking lot then one black chick picks up a rock and throws it at the black window the car stops and one little white kid maybe 18 or 19 yearsold come out pissed as hell walks towards the black chick while she is still talking crap,he says nothing instead he punches her right in the face and she falls like if she had slipped on a banana peel

that girl got what she deserved
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