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if you watched the heat game carefully you would see that Yao was definitely calling for the ball, and many times he did go at shaq and zo with power but realized shaq is just too big to bully over with power so he switched to finesse, why waste your energy (especially a guy as big as yao) doing power moves down low when you can hit the jumper, seriously they sent yao to the free throw line to shoot a technical (he was 10/11 or something ridiculously good from the heat game shooting ft's), he hit a fall away fadeway from the baseline over shaq, that's a hard enough shot, As for Yao being soft that's so stupid, he called for the ball so many time against shaq, his passion really came out last night, i don't know if anyone remembers that one dunk he threw down when he rolled to the basket last night when he got the dish from t-mac (was late in the game, i think it was the last basket he got before gundy took him out) he thew that sh*t down hard as a man his size could, he was hoping for some chump to be underneath him but they all cleared out. I think ever since Dahntay Jones dunked on Yao, Yao's been pissed off that these chumps are trying to embarass him so he's out on a tear, he man handled the knicks, stomped on the heat (made alonzo made look so bad), only problem i have is that he is getting heavy minutes and taking up a heavy load right now so he's going to have to carry it out throughout the whole season so he migh tire down, but i expect the numbers he's putting up to fall to around 20-24ppg once T-MAC and Bonzi get healthy or start producing. So as far as him being soft go please , yao's on a tear, he use to dominate like this in Olympic and his Chinese Basketball League, he'l bring in a new era, a new kind of center.
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