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Yao Ming > Villy & Bogut ie I'd never do that trade.

Yao Ming is really coming into his own. Getting more consistent with his domination proclamation minus hateration in this NBA jamboree. I love how he is calling for the ball, getting good position, catch and either the hook or back em down and give them business cards approach.

An asian player as the best Center in the game? Never thought I ever see the day or say such a thing. And yes its a major thing imo. Yao Ming paid major dues to get where he is at today. Language and learning barriers. Getting familiar with the game and how its played vs other great players. Thru the bashing, critisizms about him being soft, not a dominant type of player, will be Rik Smits like etc etc...he has really stepped his game up and it appears he will continue to do so. He's not done. Tmac just needs to get his act together. Yao gonna mess around and be a 27 & 11 Center.
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