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Originally Posted by ElPigto
That's quite an ignorant statement. If you watched the second half of the season, Yao wasn't just on "fire" like you proclaim him to be, he was pretty much dominant throughout. He averaged like 26ppg and 12ppg, what the hell do you want from him honestly.

I'm being honest, and not being rude, but please shut up because you really don't know anything about the transformation of Yao's game. You keep giving all this nonsense crap about him needing to gain weight, and him being lucky on a couple of jumpers.

The stupidest statement of all, "hes only on fire because hes been knocking down those short jumpers very consistently," Honestly, what the hell is that suppose to mean?

Then you come up with this other stupidity right after it, "Now whether he can keep this up or not is questionable". Make up your mind, he is either on fire, or he is just being consistent.

Please stop talking about Yao because you have no idea what you are talking about, nothing, none what so ever.

You really dont know basketball. Players get hot in basketball. Some go cold. Jumpers dont always stay consistent when their hot. Look at Marcus Williams preseason where he couldnt miss to during the season where hes missing alot. I've watched every Rockets game this year. If you want to talk about last year then you got me, all i know is he was same erratic Yao for that first half of last season then got hot for the last month or so. Still not a full season.

Youre probably a bias Yao/Rockets fan so i'll cut you some slack. I watched him last night and some of those short jumpers he made were lucky because you could tell he didnt have a sure release on some of them and they still went in. **** happens when your hot. I never said he might not keep it up but i raised the possibility he can go cold and start missing them and he might just be on a hot streak right now. I do know teams arent playing Yao right, whoever they played before the Knicks this season or maybe it was the game before that(i cant remember the team) played Yao right. They would double team him right when he put the ball on the floor and Yao would either lose it or make a bad pass. Its all timing tho. The Knicks didnt try that until that 2nd half at some point and when they did they were late or too obvious about it with the double where he saw it coming.

Anyway, if this were oldtime Shaq or something thats easily consistant like post and dunks or like old MJ with driving and getting fouls then mebbe i'd have more faith in him being able to keep it up. Sorry i just dont have faith in short jumpers being as consistant to dominate
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