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Default Re: Best Prospect For the '10 Draft?

Eh, I don't really feel like that's a very important stat to consider. If Wall was under 6'1" maybe, but from when I've seen him in real life, he looks like the legit 6'3" he's listed at.

The kind of explosiveness, change in direction speed, and off the charts athleticism he has to go along with his excellent passing and defensive potential make him a can't miss prospect. If he has an even average season with Coach Cal at Kentucky, I have no doubt in my mind he'll go top 3, most likely number 1.

I'm really surprised to see Willie Warren so high on early draft boards, some of the scouts I've spoken with aren't that impressed with his game and I don't think he's a top 3 pick like some people are considering. Sure, he's a great scorer with nice athleticism, but I feel like there's several other players with more potential than him.

Updated top 5:
  1. John Wall - see above; NBA comparison: Derrick Rose/Dwayne Wade
  2. Greg Monroe - just has the complete package, perimeter skills, amazing passing ability for a big man, ball handling skills, a nice hook shot and developing post game. I really question his motor and toughness. If he can put together all his skills and play a consistent season, I could see him challenging John Wall for the number one spot, if he has a very inconsistent and streaky season I can see him dropping down to the 10-15 range and possibly returning to school. NBA Comparison: Pau Gasol (if he puts it all together)
  3. Derrick Favors - haven't seen a whole lot of him, but from what I've seen: extremely explosive, streaky face up game, very good interior weak side defender and shot blocker, and nice high post game. Like Wall, if he puts together a decent season, he'll be taken top 5 for potential if nothing else. NBA comparison: young Amar'e Stoudemire
  4. Donatas Motiejunas - I've seen him play 5-6 times and have come away very impressed each time. He's a little soft and has a shorter wingspan than his height but he's ridiculously skilled for a 7 footer. He has a sweet shot from the perimeter and shows good ability to put the ball on the floor, gets to the line a high clip and is a good shooter when he gets there. He's a little soft defensively and doesn't always play hard but as we know, GMs are always looking for the next Dirk. NBA comparison: Andrea Bargnani
  5. Avery Bradley - Nearly as good as John Wall in my opinion. He's an extremely skilled combo guard (I think he can play the point full time, although a lot of scouts seem to disagree) who is very good two way player. An excellent team and man defender as well as lights out scorer who can take over the game. He can stroke it from deep as well as take it to the hole and finish with a explosive dunk. Look out for this guy next season, I think he can be a top 5 pick if he plays well in Texas. NBA comparison: Delonte West (more potential)
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