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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon is beginning to become quite overrated here.

Originally Posted by lakers_forever
He is not overrated. He was the leader of a team who won 11 titles. After he retired, his team missed the playoffs. He led a inferior team to beat a Laker team with Baylor, West and Wilt in 1969.

Sam Jones, another key member of 10 of those 11 championship teams also retired in 1969. That obviously had something to do with the dropoff.

Maybe, but his team did not need offense. He did what was needed to win titles. Leadership and defense. He was arguably the best defender ever and second best rebounder ever. He was miles ahead of Ben Wallace or Mutombo.

Yes, he was arguably the best defender ever, but so is Hakeem Olajuwon and he's miles ahead of Russell offensively. The team didn't need offense because they were loaded with talent.

No. I guess it's maybe their were not the defensive anchor of a 11 time winning team.

Neither had the luxuary of playing with 3 or 4 all-star level players at a time in a league with 1/4 the amount of teams. Wallace did anchor a Pistons team that won 5 straight seasons, made 4 straight ECF, won a championship, were one game away from repeating as champions and a team that won 64 games one year. After that he even led a young Bulls team to nearly 50 wins and the 2nd round. In that time he won 4 defensive player of the year awards and became one of only 5 players to lead the league in blocks and rebounds in the same season.

Obviously Russell is miles ahead of Wallace, but if dominating defensively was as important as some make it out to be then Wallace wouldn't be a borderline hall of famer at best. The fact is that players like that need a lot of good offensive players around them. Players like Hakeem however don't, they can carry a team. Russell couldn't do that.

It's a toss up between them. Two monsters. When you say there's no way one is ahead of the other, you lost credibility.

No, Kareem is defintley the best center ever. 6 championships, superior longevity to anyone, comparable prime, much less selfish than Wilt or Shaq, you name it and Kareem has the advantage. Kareem is the only player with type of good case for being better than Jordan all time.

Originally Posted by Maniak
We know.

You say this every thread you go into. STFU.

And nobody comes up with a good argument against.
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