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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon is beginning to become quite overrated here.

Originally Posted by TheAnchorman

Kareem --> Wilt --> Russell --> Shaq --> Olajuwon (Depending on my bball mood I interchange Kareem and Wilt hehe)

Overall IMO = playing ability, career achievements, legacy, innovation and impact on the game. For me that last part has always propelled Russell above Hakeem and Shaq, Russell basically caused a paradigm shift in the game of basketball.

Peak playing ability:

Wilt --> Kareem --> Shaq --> Olajuwon --> Russell(?)

I can agree with that.

Originally Posted by TheAnchorman
Okay, but Ben Wallace was the defensive anchor of a 1-time winning team, which is 1 more championship than a lot of HOFers/future HOFers and an amazing accomplishment in itself. So why wouldn't he get the same recognition?

Same recognition, no. He was an inferior rebounder, defender, passer, shotblocker... He was not close to Bill Russell as a basketball player. And 1 is not 11.

He definetly has a significance chance of getting to the hall of fame. Although I must say that IMHO, even Dennis Rodman was better than him.
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