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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon is beginning to become quite overrated here.

Originally Posted by lakers_forever
He is.

You have people saying stupid things like is the GOAT center. If Hakeem Olajuwon is better than Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain, he is arguably the greatest player ever. Do you see how stupid that is??

I read that thread. The only people arguing for Hakeem were clear idiots who either had an agenda or had no reasoning behind it. It's why I never posted it in it. I don't care to talk to people who clearly won't change their minds.

The GOAT center could not win a MVP before he was 30. The GOAT center did not make the first team when he was 27,28 or 29. Please... And you have several people ranking him as the top Center ever or saying there's no problem in ranking him first, yes there is. His career has absolutely nothing over guys like Wilt and Kareem. He is clearly overrated not only in ISH, but on most online forums.

What are you trying to prove to me? I know he's not the GOAT C. I just don't care what idiots think.
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