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Default Re: My Summer League-- Lamar Doom's Twilight Tour Into Greatness (photos, stats, video)

Originally Posted by 1manfastbreak
i wanna see some video of the games!

i'll see what videos they have available when the site updates but it was really sloppy, could say it was a "defensive" game if you wanted to be kind but it was pretty helter skelter, tons of turnovers, fouls, and volleyball/hot potato rebounds. Came down to 51-48 the other team with 8 seconds left in regulation.... will update tomorrow (later today)

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
Loving the socks. That's exactly how I had mine, minus the white.

Originally Posted by halffttime
.. nice socks

edit- haha, those socks are SICK. i have always been a long socks guy and recently found a bunch of red lion socks (soccer socks) for cheap. Figured a nice combo of hippie and flossy was in order.

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