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Default Re: My Summer League-- Lamar Doom's Twilight Tour Into Greatness (photos, stats, video)

Game 2

I had another rough game. I only took 2 shots and missed them both, the first one was a rebound and I rushed the putback, I hate that as much as anything. Didn't get the ball a lot and was too eager to give up the ball when I did which is unlike me, two games in I feel like I'm just waiting for open jumpers on offense and not really getting involved. I ran out and caught an outlet pass behind the defender and probably had a layup or a foul but opted to try to make a showtime pass to another guy on my team sprinting down but he stopped short and had to chase down my pass, I ended up just letting the defense get back, stupid mistake, I need to be more assertive. Had a nightmare of a time getting rebounds but did a good job on D, we played a zone. The team we played this week scored 98 points week 1 (we scored 34) and we really flustered their offense. I can't say it was a great game for me but I definitely do a job out there, my size and lack of errors makes me one of the best 5 by default, but I need to find a way to be a least somewhat productive from a scoring standpoint.


There's one kid on our team who I have a major problem with. Little guy with a napolean complex who nobody can stand. He has a huge chip on his shoulder and a major sense of entitlement. You can't tell him anything and he thinks he's allen iverson/hot sauce, he bangs on the floor (along with numerous other obnoxious urban affectations) on defense and gets blown by every time. He b*tches nonstop and gripes about not starting and when he gets subbed. I let him play extra long in the 2nd half so i could play the last 5 minutes, I subbed in and played for 2-3 minutes before he tried to sub in for me again. We don't really have a coach to monitor or police this process and I should have just straight up told him "no" but I went to the bench. I got there and realized it was bullsh*t and told him next dead ball I was coming in for him. The next dead ball was another member of my team fouling out so i went in for him instead and the little dip sh*t kept making this gesture like "cut" (waving his hand in front of his neck as if to say "i'm not coming out") and yelling at me, I ended up screaming "i'm not in for you, shut the f*ck up" at him in front of the whole gym (got warned by the ref). I've never lost my cool on a team mate like that before, I've gotten mad about people criticizing my or other's mistakes before but never just screaming at someone to shut the f*ck up. I pride myself on being a supportive team mate but this kid is seriously f*cked up. He has some sort of social disorder and was dealt a sh*tty hand in life so I'm going to try to talk to him before next game to make it civil/peacey weesy, but he is a complete idiot and the entire team would be much happier if he didn't come back.

Here he is (the gold shoes are an extra douchey touch and of course he wanted to be #23):

one of his brain busting highlights was stopping to pick up a team mate after a no call while the other team ran a 5 on 3 break.

He doesn't pick up the ball when it bounces in his direction. He goes to take the ball up from the inbounds and picks his dribble up in the back court every time. He can't guard anybody man up and he was totally lost in the zone. He says sh*t like "I gotta be startin, ya'll don't know" and "i can feel everybody plottin on me" and crazy sh*t. He was talking sh*t about our best player (who had a monster game today) the first time he came out of the first game. He's just one of those people that you can't communicate with because his perspective is so far out of whack and lost in delusions of grandeur. Really frustrating. He ends up being the part of the game I've thought most about since it ended and that's a shame. My entire team feels the same way though only a few of us have actually barked at him so far. He stood brooding and alone after the game and didn't talk with any of us. I'm hoping he doesn't show up next week. If he does, here's to finding a way to make it tolerable the rest of the way home.

back to the game...

So we played these guys tough, they're supposed to be one of the best teams in the league, our best player had a monster game and a couple other guys really kept us in it. Some giant shots and stops down the stretch. 8 seconds left, 51-48 the other team, we're inbounding. This is my sh*t, my jumper is my best offensive weapon, I have no fear about/love taking big shots. I run to the top of the key where another team mate from the other side of the floor has done the same. The inbounds pass comes to him, I slide over about six feet to the 3-pointer at the elbow extended. We're both pretty god damned open he has a guy closing out on him. He lets the shot go and misses, i foul the guy who gets the rebound and we lose by 4 or 5. I'm not mad at the guy for shooting, I believe in taking the shot when you have it, just annoyed that I've been so unable to contribute in the scoring department in two games and would have loved the chance to hit a big 3 to send us into over time (my jumper is definitely better than his too, but again, I whole heartedly endorse letting it fly when you're open, Nellie/D'antoni style, school of bombardment). We were all pretty pleased with our effort compared to the opening week, the consensus was that if we could figure out how to deal with David (little dip sh*t, down syndrome version of eminem) we were going to be alright.

Other Game Notes:

The shoes were great, I didn't get a chance to break them in before the game and my feet were really hurting in warmups but were fine by tip off. They are super super light and I had a couple of leaps that i credit to the new shoe tech

The scoreboard malfunctioned and we had no clock to look at and the score was being kept by those flip-cards which was annoying.

My buddy from work who joined the team was a decorated high school basketball player in texas but is having an awful season so far. He's yet to score and has taken a ton of shots and missed so many layups it's crazy (including an open court layup off a steal at half court where he was by himself and hit the under side of the rim... humilating). Also missed all his free throws. He gets to the rim and just can't finish, great first step, probably keeps his head down too much but he gets there with relative ease, just had a heavy touch or been nervous every time. He's much more of a sensitive hot head than I am and you can see how frustrated he is and how much he feels like he's failing. It's actually made some of my struggles much easier to swallow.

so hopefully there will be some video and photos from the league that I can add when they update, these have all been shots by my friends. Will do a midweek update if there's anything good. Game 3 next sunday.
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