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Default Re: Ilyasova signed with the Bucks

Lets do alittle thinking here -

If you clear money ' that is with Jefferson ' would you then assume they whole heartedly with spend the money on Charlie V. & Ramon Sessions ?

* After all they were the best talented players last year that were restricted free agents , other than the RJ stat sheet.

No Charlie V. they let get away.
Now they aren't doing squat with Sessions.

Please look at all current contracts and you will see only one player is really worthy of locked in status long term and that is Bogut.

Think hard of last seasons injuries and how diverse this team was....

Now can you see what they are doing ?

I might be older than you guys , but look at the history of the Bucks -
When was the last team they made the Eastern conferense finals , and what happened to that team ?

They aren't building ,,, they are clearing.

And why are they clearing ?

because Kohl is getting up in his years , and the team is going to go on the market.

Don't you think :
Charlie V.

was a playoff team ?
Last year they played very little together , but that was a hellava team.

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