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Default Re: Matt Barnes to sign with Magic

Originally Posted by beasted86
Wow... if they sign CJ Watson, it's pretty much all over for the Cavs, but even with the current depth:

PG: Nelson / Reddick / Johnson
SG: Carter / Pietrus
SF: Lewis / Barnes
PF: Bass / Andersen
C: Howard / Gortat

That is one loaded roster. I really don't see how the Cavs can match up with them.
Pretty sure if Barnes signs, CJ Watson can't. I don't think they have the Cap Space to get both, I need to double check.

Also, Just an FYI, not necessarily official yet either. Just close to signing. If I could recall correctly, Grant Hill was close to signing with the Knicks/Celtics and Ron Artest was close to signing with the Cavs. Neither happened. Just throwing it out there.
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