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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

Originally Posted by Younggrease
Lance looks and plays retarded...He isnt very good and doesnt understand the game, he also doesnt look like he wants to. Would never want that guy on any team I followed.
Thats OK.

No one gives a damn about Lance Stephenson...So I'll say it based on the games I saw him play he looks dumb, talks retarded and plays he isnt naturally talented enough to overcome it on the NBA level
Actually Lance is very popular in NYC, and if you dont know shattered every scoring record.

And the point of natural talent is laughable, if you've seen him play you would realize that talent is definetly there. Hes a 6'5 220 lb SF with the handles to get to the basket and the size & strength to finish at the basket with ease or draw a foul. He also has good range from outside but his most deadly shot is from the top of the key.
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