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Default Re: Illinois Fan Thread.

Yeah, I've been looking for how he was doing and came across that. He's been getting great reviews all summer.

I was looking into why he didn't get in the latest rivals 250 and came across this.

From Illiniallstars in Champaign, Ill.: Why were Safety Corey Cooper and Defensive Tackle Bruce Gaston Jr. left out of the Rivals250? Also, what does Chandler Whitmer have to do to get into the Rivals250?

Hey Illiniallstars,

Here is your three-for-one response. Love the enthusiasm.

Corey will still be a four-star player. He was outside the Rivals250 for the last rankings release. There is not really any movement there. I would have liked to seen him separate himself from the pack of defensive backs at the Illinois NIKE camp. I don't think he did that. It was a talented group however.

Gaston is someone that we really are just beginning to learn about. He performed well at the Illinois NIKE camp. His film is pretty good. I think he is one of the better defensive tackles out there, and I think the best in the Midwest. But at this time, we will put him at a 5.7 three star. Not sure if he is an elite guy.

With Chandler, let me be frank. He needs to get stronger and grow two inches to be a four-star prospect. And Chandler would be the first one to tell you that. He is fun to watch in drills because is so fluid in his drops and his mechanics. He is very accurate, and has a good, but not great arm. He oozes leadership skills. Great kid, someone that people just want to be around. He could be that shorter quarterback that ends up being a Heisman candidate, like we saw from multiple players last college football season. I would never rule that out. But, when we have quarterbacks who are taller, have similar ability and as good or better arm strength, we have to go with them as the higher ranked prospects.

My bet is that Chandler will fare very well at the Elite 11. He deserves to be there.

I think this is a couple days into the camp. I guess they give stars based on arm strength rather and height than overall ability.
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