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Default Re: Illinois Fan Thread.

I'm glad you brought up that up.

I originally posted this at Illinihq, so I guess I'll repost it here. It's a fairly lengthy rant that was something I first thought of when Chase Daniel was named national high school POY and was only a 3-star recruit according to Rivals and Scout and has always bugged me about how the recruiting services evaluate QBs. The fact that it's an Illinois recruit is, I swear to you, merely incidental because this annoys me to no end....

Chandler Whitmer apparently balled hard all week at the Elite 11 camp (granted, a way down year for QBs), winning the accuracy award and finishing third in the camp MVP tallying. There was a glowing report and a full-length story about him on Any chance either Rivals or Scout considering him as a Top 100 player or even a 4-star?

Probably not.

Now, granted, that question was answered before the Elite 11, but they've already made up their mind on him. That dude acknowledges IN THE SAME F-CKING ANSWER IN WHICH HE RULES HIM OUT AS A FOUR-STAR RECRUIT THAT HE COULD BE A HEISMAN CANDIDATE, because he's a little on the short side. (And it isn't like he's tiny, he's over 6'.) Like that's ever stopped a college QB from being good. I'm not even going to bother starting a list. There's too many examples.

Hell, there are exceptions to the rule in the NFL. Drew Brees, for god's sake. Even Joe Montana was barely over 6' tall. He says they go with bigger players who have similar ability, which is fine on the surface. Except it's not really true. Sure, the Matt Staffords of the world should be ranked higher. Of course. But then you have a damn minefield of guys who are overrated because they look the part, and guys who are underrated because they don't.

If this was based in part on pro potential like with basketball rankings, that's one thing. But that's really not the case with the ranking of high school football players. They're 4-6 years away from the NFL when they're being evaluated as high schoolers.

Obviously the guys with obvious NFL potential like Seantrel Henderson will be highly-rated, as they should be, but so will the guys that you can already see when they're in high school would be tough NFL fits, like Terrelle Pryor.

This rant kind of only applies to QBs, but that's also kind of, y'know...the most important position in sports. As if we haven't learned time and again that accuracy, a quick mind and leadership ability- areas in which Whitmer reportedly shines- is more important than being 6'5" with a cannon. Especially when you can, in fact, make all the throws, like they say Whitmer can. You've got an extraordinarily flawed process when you can see guys like Chase Daniel and Todd Reesing be great college QBs, acknowledge that this kid could be exactly like that....and still wildly underrate him because he doesn't look exactly like you want him to.
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