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Default Re: Lamar Odom to return to the Lakers

Boston with Rasheed is a dangerous team, I don't really see how LA are the clear cut favorites. There are some questions on that team. Can Bynum regain his former self? Can Artest keep a cool head and learn to become a role player? Can some of LA's bench players continue to contribute?

Rasheed makes Boston a very good defensive team now, I consider him to be easily one of the top low post defenders in the league. He can also play the 3; imagine Perkins, Garnett and Sheed all on the floor at the same time. Good luck getting interior points on that trio. Boston still has Pierce and Allen, man I think they got just as much fire power as LA if not more. Their bench is clearly inferior to LA's bench and their coaching staff is no where near Phil/Tex's level. Their age is a concern too; if they can remain healthy I pick them to face LA or SA in next years finals.

I stay humbled as a Laker fan, I'm glad they got the job done last year but it's a new slate this upcoming season and most of the elite teams got better.

I'm very excited that Odom returned to LA because now we have his versatility to try out numerous different lineups.
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