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Default Re: One more trade to solidify the backcourt

Originally Posted by picc84
He's the best defensive PG in the league and possibly the best defensive guard period.

He isn't on Kobe's level, I wouldn't even put him in the same tier. I don't think he's better then Rondo either defensively, possibly not better then Billups or even aging Kidd. As overrated as Chris Paul is defensively, I'd still probably take him over Hinrich.

I don't understand what makes him that good to be honest. He's very overrated in my opinion. He isn't that much of an upgrade defensive over Fisher or Shannon. His lateral quickness isn't on Paul's level, his defensive awareness is great but not on Kidd/Billup's level.

Yeah we lack defensive PG's in this league today, but that's no reason to overrate Kirk. He is an above average PG to me. I wouldn't trade Derek for Kirk straight up, I trust Fish in clutch moments way too much.
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