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Default Re: One more trade to solidify the backcourt

Originally Posted by Story Up
He isn't on Kobe's level, I wouldn't even put him in the same tier. I don't think he's better then Rondo either defensively, possibly not better then Billups or even aging Kidd. As overrated as Chris Paul is defensively, I'd still probably take him over Hinrich.

I don't understand what makes him that good to be honest. He's very overrated in my opinion. He isn't that much of an upgrade defensive over Fisher or Shannon. His lateral quickness isn't on Paul's level, his defensive awareness is great but not on Kidd/Billup's level.

Yeah we lack defensive PG's in this league today, but that's no reason to overrate Kirk. He is an above average PG to me. I wouldn't trade Derek for Kirk straight up, I trust Fish in clutch moments way too much.

I agree with many of those points.

Yup I forgot Rondo as well. The one thing I disagree with is CP3 being up there; I do not think he should be really considered a defensive pg, dude. He is good at stealing at the ball but his man-on-man defense is not all that impressive at all considering his size and all. If we are talking about just defense, I would not take CP3 over Hinrich. Steals do not make up for not being able to defend others physically..

I guess my top 5 defensive PG list in order are:
4.Jameer Nelson
5.D-Williams (this one is really arguable but I think he plays pretty physical D). I thought this could either be Deron or Andre Miller or Hinrich.

I was thinking of putting Baron Davis there but nah. He is not anywhere near top 5 defensive PGs lol

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