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Default Re: One more trade to solidify the backcourt

Originally Posted by bladefd
I agree with many of those points.

Yup I forgot Rondo as well. The one thing I disagree with is CP3 being up there; I do not think he should be really considered a defensive pg, dude. He is good at stealing at the ball but his man-on-man defense is not all that impressive at all considering his size and all. If we are talking about just defense, I would not take CP3 over Hinrich. Steals do not make up for not being able to defend others physically..

I guess my top 5 defensive PG list in order are:
4.Jameer Nelson
5.D-Williams (this one is really arguable but I think he plays pretty physical D). I thought this could either be Deron or Andre Miller or Hinrich.

I was thinking of putting Baron Davis there but nah. He is not anywhere near top 5 defensive PGs lol

Man to man defense, Baron is as good as it gets in this league at the PG position. He's always freaking injured though. I agree CP isn't that great of a man to man defender, but he has good instinct and plays the passing lanes to perfection. He is slightly better then Iverson was but the PG position is weak in general so I had to throw him a bone.

I heard someone in the other forum mention LA trading Bynum for Hinrich, have people lost their minds? Bynum when healthy the last TWO seasons for a stretch was our most efficient scorer, and that includes Pau. We can get a hell of a lot more then Kirk for Drew; there is no reason to believe Bynum's stock went down. He came back a week before the playoffs started and was expected to produce in an atmosphere that he never played in.

If healthy, I could totally see Drew being our 3rd best player by season end. Heck I wouldn't even be surprised if he made the All-Star team and actually kept pace with Pau in terms of low post scoring. I love this kid's game, he is a prototypical center. Weight, size, low post moves, strength etc.

Kid has a chance to be special, I'd want more then an Kirk Hinrich for him. Hinrich in my eyes has declined as a player after the Kobe saga, where the Bulls were offering Hinrich, Gordon etc for Bryant.

I'm sure if LA really wanted Kirk they wouldn't even have to give up that much with Rose on the rise. Expiring contracts and draft picks would do the trick, in my opinion.

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