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Default Re: One more trade to solidify the backcourt

Originally Posted by ZeN
I like Kirk and would root for him if he were a laker....

Hes not the particular thing that LA needs.. but the Lakers will as some point have to address the PG position, regardless of if it goes to an inside sources or via trade...

I would love for the Lakers to mainly give big regular season min. to a player other than Fish..

Not only would that prepare a young one for the playoffs... but it would also save energy for the Elder Mr. Little Bull Dog...

Fisher played less then 30 MPG during the regular season. Phil gave Farmar/Shannon 18 minutes a night, that's significant minutes given to your back court PG's.

I expect Fish to play around 26 MPG this upcoming season.
As long as we run the triangle offense we'll have flexibility at the PG spot. Look at Brown, I completely think he's a 2 in this league but yet he plays PG for our offensive scheme.
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