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Default Re: One more trade to solidify the backcourt

Originally Posted by picc84
He's the best defensive PG in the league and possibly the best defensive guard period.


Dude, therer are many, many better defensive guards in this league.
I do like Hinrich, but come on.
He is overrated simply because he is worth no where near his contract.
He is a nice player, and I personally think he'd be a good fit in our system.
He is a good, not great, defender. He passes and handles the ball well, and I think he'd be a high % 3 point shooter in OUR system, because he'd get so many wide open shots.

I read someone on the Bulls board suggest that Hinrich>Odom.
People always overestimatre their own players.
Bulls mgt would jump at a chance to make that swap, but we would never do it.
As far as the Bynum rumors, he is the future face of this franchise, and IMO, would be a 20/10 guy right now on just about any other team in the league.

If Mitch could pull off a little more of the Kwame for Gasol magic, great, I think Hinrich would be a good fit and solve our PG question well into the future.
But, IMO, the Bulls won't just dump him, and will expect some nice talent coming back in a trade, talent that the Lakers would not be willing to offer.
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