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Default Re: Adding Edge To Nick Young

Originally Posted by The Big Skinny
We need him to step up this season. He has all the right tools, he just needs to put it all together and become and elite player.

The thing that actually sucks about this year is that I could have easily seen Nick having a breakout year is that I just don't see him getting the minutes necessary for it. Like, Foye will probably play 28 or 30 minutes a game, and Miller will play at least a few at shooting guard (unfortunately; I like him a lot more as a small forward, at least if what I've read about his defense is true), leaving Nick with, what, 15 minutes a game to do his thing? And with most of those minutes coming next to guys like Blatche, Butler, Foye and other guys who will look for their shot, making him something like a third option. I could see his efficiency raising no matter what, even if the whole coming off screens thing was a summer league exclusive, since he's going to have more open looks and layups considering all of the attention the other guys are going to draw, but I just can't see him getting enough shots.

What I'm really hoping will happen as far as Nick's development is that 1) he continues to come off screens, posts up more often since he's already got a nice post up game and Sam Cassell can only help him with this, and go one on one as a last resort and when the shot clock is pretty low and 2) we make a trade involving Mike Miller and some other guys, maybe Mike James' expirer and Crittenton and/or a draft pick or two for Shane Battier and Carl Landry. Battier would be another wing, but he's one who will play lockdown defense on guys like Paul Pierce and Lebron while allowing other guys to score (really, who needs five or six guys capable of dropping 20 on any given night? it's just overkill). Landry would give us another big who rebounds, defends, and can foul the **** out of anyone who dares step in the lane, and he's another guy who wouldn't need to take a lot of shots. Houston would do it because they really don't need role players when they're most likely lottery bound next year, plus they could use the expirers and extra perimeter scorers, since Aaron Brooks, Von Wafer, and TMac's corpse aren't going to be able to create enough offense for them to win more than 30 games next year.

Anyways, I hate to sound like too much of homer, but I could easily see Nick Young becoming a good player next year. Not necessarily an all-star, but at least as good as a Rip Hamilton or Ben Gordon. He'll never score 20+ a game so long as he's playing next to three other scorers, but if he wound up on a team like Charlotte, Houston, or even New Orleans, I could easily see him becoming a top 15 in the league scorer, maybe even averaging as much as 25 a game if he's the first option and plays around 40 minutes a game.
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