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Some cats are cool like that, when they play with little kids they don't use their claws looks like their scratching the sh*t out of the kids but are just playing. We had a cat just like that, my 2 yr old well at the time 1 and a half yr old had a cat that always attacked him but never once scratch him. But if you didn't know better you would have thought the cat was on attack mode!!

I had a cat once that use to jump straight up at people face and try to scratch them like at their nose or cheek. But only did that the first time he seen them. I guess it was his was of saying hi to strangers!!! One of my friend was 6'6 and the cat had no problem scratching his face, he got freaked out and was scared of the cat, in fact every one was scared of that cat. Oh well I thought it was funny.

Cat are cool Dogs I'm not scared of them but don't want my kids around them, one of my fried was playing with his dog and his girl friend was calling it over and her hair flick forward and the dog attack her and bit her in the head!! Sounds funny!!! Wait!! Her scalp flip almost off and and took I think they said 72 stitches. Never saw her again but people told me she looks alright but if you see her where the stitches were she looks like a freak so I guess some thing never change.

Sorry too much info but so much talk about cats just brought back some memories!!!

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