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Default Re: Telfair, Smith, Madsen for Quentin Richardson

Originally Posted by JellyBean
Was it for the contract or just getting more offensive punch? Because I don't like this trade at all. looking at our roster now, we have 19 players, give or take, and I am not feeling this roster at all.

Jonny Flynn
Quentin Richardson
Corey Brewer
Kevin Love
Big AL

Wayne Ellington
Damien Wilkens
and anybody else.

I don't know about this season.
This season is going to be a long one. On one side Kahn has gotten rid of McHales trash but in doing so we have absolutely NO depth right now. Our starters will be solid but beyond that it is a train wreck. Am i the only person that sees Wayne as a starter? i mean why let someone who is gone next season take away a lot of minutes to a youngster. Anyway after next years draft our bench will be full of talent and then we should be on our way to making the play offs
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