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Default Re: Lamar Odom to return to the Lakers

Originally Posted by triangleoffense
damn right the boston la series was close. LA blew a 22 point lead in one of their home games and if it wasn't for the oscar-worthy performance from PP in game 1 the lakeshow would have won/taken boston to 7. Also, if anyone thinks that Sheed will have a bigger impact in Boston than Artest in LA then they need to seriously take off the homer-googles. Artest and Kobe are friends and Ron ron and the candyman have also been boys since back in the day. Plus the toughness that a 2time DPOY and one of the baddiest 3 guards to ever play the game is inmeasurable. Also artest isn't even 30 yet, Sheed is like 34 or something. Come on :/

I thought of Bill Simmons and soon as I read that. I hate that f*cking guy.
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