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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

ive been looking forward to this for some time, it is perhaps the most controversial movie of our time, ensured partly cause of the attacks that were made on lars von trier at cannes because he refused to justify making this film to the press. declaring he does not have to explain himself as he is the greatest director in the world.
i will start by saying this, its true, this is possibly the most demented and explicitly violent film in cinematic history. some of the scenes are so depraved you cannot actually believe whats going on. it is one of the most uncomfortable, hideous viewing experiences i have ever seen, the message the film is getting across is beyond any level of misogynistic evil you can imagine. That said it may just be genuis, the comitment von trier makes to the sick and perverted ideas in the film is just increadible. it will certainly disturb you but at the same time if you are able to apprieciate real art films you may just be blown away. Warped it is, but so beautifully done. this is one of the few films i am actually struggeling to quantify the exact reasoning for why it is so good as there is also so much to hate. i think i was partially shocked at the balls von trier has for actually making a film with this message- basically that women are satan(although it is far more complex and metaphorical than that). i wont say too much about the film itself, you have to experience it and draw your own meanings i feel, i will say thoe however sick it is this is truely art.

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