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Default Re: I'm so crazy about Tyreke Evans!!!


Evens wont start at the begining of the season. maybe by the end. hes better then Udrih but he will be good coming in behind him and martain. And NOC will start even though i dont know why we ever got this guy. casspi will see very little playing time i would guess. enless we play some small ball and move NOC to PF part time. and i wouldnt put that past this coach to try that. i would like to that really but then we still have noone to FRIGGIN REBOUND!!! I am excited about this season though. like i have said before. There are gonna be some big moves by the mid season deadline. Martain might be movable. KT has a nice expiring contract and the cap has gone down so that looks real nice to some teams. Cant wait to see. :)
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