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Default Re: Nuggets trade Steven Hunter to Grizzlies

Originally Posted by D-Rose
If the Nuggets don't get Kleiza back, they'd be the only contender to not add but instead subtract.

i think we are gonna be better without kleiza...

LK shots 23% Mid range and 32 % from the field. If you do the math does he hit 30.25% off his jumpers, and he has never taken a contested jumper, and he is suposed to spread the floor?

the rest of his points come from fastbreak dunks/layups or assisted dunks/layups in the paint and he hits 59% of them, sound good, but remember LK has never posted up anyone or driven to the basket so all his close shots are wide open. Now 59% isn't that good.

LK is a terrible defender, thats that.

Someone says his points off the bench is gonna be hard to replace, I see it this way: Add 2-3 more ppg for melo, 2-3 for JR, and 2-3 more from Ty instead of AC, Nene should get a couple more touches per game and you also have AA who is a much more skilled offensive player than DJ.

Melo would have to play 26mpg for LK to get his "important" 10ppg, cause i never ever want to see LK play PF ever again.

Sign Coby Karl and play Balkman, they should split the backup SF role and whom gets the minutes id decided by what team we play against (Matchups).

Defense: AA did a good job on LEBRON in the playoffs acording to all pistons fans, so i doesn't matter if it is him or Coby who defend the SF when coby play. And Coby is more than capable to defend SG's (But AA would take the SG if he's the #1 option) so there should be no problem playing Coby as SF when id comes to D.

Balkman is a great defender, and we would be a great defensive team with him and AA.

Offense: Coby is a much better shooter, passer and ball handler than LK. So thats that.

Balk is a better rebounder, but not the best shooter. I'd say their midrange game is the same but LK's 3p shooting is better. But with the addition of AA is that not a huge problem. I also like playing Balk alongside with Allen. Cause Allen is a good defender, but Balk brings to the table what allen doesn't... Rebounding, and Allen brings to the table what Balk doesn't.... Shooting.

denver need a SF to play D and hit open shots at a high %, and thats not LK
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