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Default Re: What do you guys see Kevin Durant averaging next season?

Originally Posted by unknown101
Kevin Durant - Predict his stats

26ppg/8rpg/4apg 48% shooting/42% 3pt/ 87%ft

What you think

33.8 ppg/ 6.8 rpg/ 5.3 apg for the all nba first teamer. (at power forward)
westbrook could have a 21/8 type of year with around 5.5rpg
green could even off the bench go 15/7
harden (roy if it werent for griffin) 18 and 4 and 4 ish
seem reasonable?
okc 8th seed barely beating out golden state & the clippers.

i think this is gonna be the year for kd35. i think he'll lead the league in ppg and okc is gonna make the jump into the playoffs. they'll be deadly for the next few years. add in two first round pics in next years draft and you could have a starting lineup of westbrook (allstar calibur)
with ibaka, livingston, kristic and 2 sick rookies like a derrick favors and solomon alabi. GO SONICS FOR LIFE
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