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Default Re: Nuggets trade Steven Hunter to Grizzlies

Originally Posted by kurple
yeah, well you are wrong.
1. Lawson >> Carter
2. Afflalo >> Jones
3. I'm 90% sure carter is coming back as a 3rd string PG
4. Kleiza is overrated. He is a terrible shooter, passer and defender, he's an OK rebounder and runs the floor very well. This is not hard to replace cause his 10ppg isn't needed.
5. We added Malik Allen who is a good roleplayer who can spread the floor when needed.
6. Do you think the FO is done? Nuggets have 10 players on their roster, 11 with Carter. They still need 2 more, and I'll bet my left nut, they are better than Petro (if they don't decide to resign him) and Kleiza.

how do u know that Lawson is better than Carter right now? You haven't seen him play in the NBA. I'm almost certain he will be at some point but from day one? you don't know that. Afflalo is a better offensive player than Jones but not defense, they may be a wash. But i do agree with that deal because he's a cheaper option to Jones. I'm not putting Kleiza on a pedestal but he is a solid backup. Malik Allen i forgot about, he is a decent backup PF who can hit the 15-18 footer pretty consistently but he doesn't do much else. I never said that the front office was done, so don't put words in my mouth. I was saying as presently built, i don't feel that Lawson, Afflalo and Allen is an upgrade(or much of one) to Carter, Kleiza and Jones. Especially when you take into account how the Blazers, Hornets, Spurs and Mavericks have improved. What do you have to say to that?
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