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Default Re: Nuggets trade Steven Hunter to Grizzlies

Originally Posted by sixerfan3511
that's all fine and dandy, that's who every one is after. They are the defending Western Conference and NBA champs. That's who everyone should be after. But my point is that Denver, as currently put together, is probably the 4th or 5th seed in the West.

We were the #2 seed last year, what's changed that were going to drop 2 positions? I could see you saying third or something because you might think that the Spurs are back, but 4th?

You crazy! Last year everybody said we'd miss the playoffs, I said we would get a top 3 seed and everybody called me an idiot so I think that I'm justified when I say that you're an idiot. Our team will be better this year than last year and I cannot think of any logical reason why we would be worse, Billups gets his first training camp with us, our young core of JR, Melo and Nene will be better and Lawson should be replacing Anthony Carter.

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