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Default Re: Kleiza Signs $12.2M Deal With Olympiakos

BTW, Klieza signed for 2 years at 8.6 million euros net income. He is the second highest paid player in Europe behind Childress who makes 4.7 million euros net income per season.

Childress' NBA salary equivalent is $10.833 million per season according to Atlana Journal Constitution.

Childress leaving Hawks to join Greek franchise
Restricted free agent signs $32.5 million deal with Olympiakos of Greece

Childress, whose net pay from Olympiakos will be $20 million

That means that Klieza would have to make $9.9125 million per season in the NBA to equal the Olympiacos contract. Since Childress' $20 million net = a $32.5 million gross NBA contract, then Klieza's $12.2 million net contract = a $19.825 million NBA contract.

So it's not like 6 million a year, it's like 10 a million a year in the NBA.

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