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Default Re: Kleiza Signs $12.2M Deal With Olympiakos

Originally Posted by Agent_Zero
Spurs, Lakers, Celts, Cavs, Mavs, Magic all added pieces this offseason...the Nuggets have stood idly by and have only lost players. Jones, Hunter and now Kleiza...and I still don't get the point of the Hunter trade.

I love Melo and Billups and practically that whole team. I rooted for them in the playoffs and it's just irritating how they probably won't meet their expectations this upcoming season.

We got Affalo ..don't act like Jones is irreplaceable. And Hunter are you kidding me? He never even played a game last year. So don't really know how your counting that as a "loss".

LK will make the bench thinner but I imagine will pick someone to fill in some minutes. I wouldn't mind him coming back but him leaving isn't that big of a deal.

Wish him luck over in Europe tho.
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