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Don't mind lawlerslaw100 too much, the truth is he is me I been messy with you guys to see how you react. I love playing these joke I have like 10 names I go under here and I'm just having fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding!!!!!!!! lol But for real lawlerslaw100 is a Clipper fan and for being a fan of the worst team in history with the odds of never getting a Champion Ship you got to give him credit!!! The Clip have a curse on them!! They get great players and can never do anything with them The Laker's are the second best team in history I think next to the Celtic but soon we will be the best the Clippers and Fans are the ones on the out side looking in!!! And we should show respect for them for having the courage to be Clipps fans sure right now to some the Clip look better then Laker's but the truth is they are not even close!!!! There is some thing about the heart and spirit of the Laker's and the fan that very few team will ever have.
So when Clipper fans get jealous and start talking sh*t look it at there perspective they are the under dogs that never tasted the bone we are the ones that have more then most. They are hungry and sure to hate us and have anger toward us lets not stoop to their level!!! More and more as time passes they we'll start the hating more and ya more.

But then again I'm so drunk right now I don't even know what I just posted lol
So peace out!!! Go Clipper's!!! Go Laker's!!!!Go Hornets!!!!!! These are three team that no one would think people would be talking about at this point!!!!
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