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Talking He's Back

Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas has maintained a low profile this summer while working out with Tim Grover in Chicago, but every report that comes from someone close to the guard sounds like a glowing review.

Wizards coach Flip Saunders last week went up to Chicago to watch Arenas work out and play and recounted yet another positive report.

"He's worked really hard. His strength in that left leg is off the charts. When he went down there, he could do reverse leg press -- you know, his left leg laying down -- 75 pounds. Now he's pressing 315. His left leg has improved that much. He looks good, he's getting to the basket well on the court. His quickness is back. He's getting his confidence back."

Arenas, according to Saunders, is playing in a ProAm league in Chicago and the coach said "he told me he's averaging like 44 points a game."

While training in Chicago, Arenas also regularly plays five-on-five games, often doing head to head with fellow Grover clients Dwyane Wade, O.J. Mayo and Will Bynum.

Flip said the Wizards have no concerns about Arenas risking further injury or setback while playing in the ProAm or Grover client pickup games.

"No," the coach said. "Tim is doing a good job keeping control of not letting him do too much. Gil's the type of person if you say take two asprin, to him, six is great," Saunders said with a laugh. "He has to watch not wanting to do too much, but Tim's in control, and when I had gotten down there, he had played five straight days. So at this point, everything's going as well as things were expected to have progressed."

Saunders said he also talks with Arenas almost daily about his coaching philosophies, and what is expected of the guard once the Wizards get back to work. In his words, Arenas is "anxious" to start the season and "he feels like he has things to prove." In talking with people close to Arenas, he has hit it off with the coach and is excited about proving himself to be the dazzling player he once was. So far, sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship.

New Washington Wizards coach Flip Saunders says Gilbert Arenas looks fast on the court.

Saunders travelled to Chicago last week and watched Arenas work out and play. Saunders says Arenas' surgically repaired left leg is about four times as strong as it's been.

Says Saunders: "He gets to wherever he wants to get on the court. His quickness is back. If you walked into the gym, you wouldn't know he was hurt."

Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld says he expects Arenas to be ready from Game 1 this season.

Coming off three operations in 1 1/2 years, Arenas played in only two games late last season. He is a three-time all-star.

Saunders and Grunfeld spoke at Wednesday's news conference to introduce new centre-forward Fabricio Oberto.

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