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Originally Posted by Da KO King
I'm guessing that's kind of his point. Why are you giving "fancy" names to a processor chip. It's just a processor chip?!?

Smart man right here. It's a really over-rated system right now. It's like the Darko Milicic of gaming right now. Way too much hype coming in and you gotta hope for the best down the line.
You obviuosly don't have HI-DEF equipment to fully maximize te capabilities of the system. Now is that Sony's fault? No, of course not. But what you don't realize that is the PS3 is truly next generation material. Yeah, you could nitpick and say all the **** it does isn't needed, but in 3 years when every TV signal has to be in HI-DEF, then you'll find yourself reevaluating your stance.
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