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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Will you dissapear for another 5 months if OSU loses just like you did last year when the Cavs lost Game 7 after you talked mad ****?
It's called the OFF-SEASON, champ. You know...the same place where you were at ten days after me.

Stop focusing on me and focus on the game. I see you talking big smack about who's Michigan beat but I'm looking at one of the teams you beat, strugggle against a robust powerhouse Buffalo squad. WOOOOOW.

If I were you, I would be happy that you guys made through the season undefeated without imploding on yourself like you guys usually do. You guys are severly overrated and that has alot to do with you overvaluing your win against an equally overrated Notre Dame team. This is the same Irish squad that turned the ball over countless times, not to mention, it's pretty much the same squad OSU smoked in the Fiesta Bowl last season.

OSU 30 Mich 10
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