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Default Re: If Ricky Rubio comes, I wonder if he and Jonny Flynn play together

Originally Posted by 04mzwach
It would be cool if we got Blount cuz we know Rubio is playing. I hope we see more new additions to our roster soon. We still need a 6'6"-6'8" guy who can play the 2 or 3. Always playing PG's at the one and 2 is getting old.
Ya im starting to believe that Rubio will come over this year. The FO of the wolves obviously knows more about the situation then the public and essentially every move we made so far as been to clear the backcourt.

As far as rubio and flynn playing together, so far Kahn and Rambis have said that Rubio wi,ll be the starter. i dont believe Kahn and Rambis would name Rubio the starter without actually seeing him play with the Wolves and they might just be saying this to make Rubio happy idk. Either Way if Rubio comes over this year it's very possible for both to get 30+ minutes a game so it wont be a waste as you alluded to insidehoops
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