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Default Greek League Making Another Push For NBA Players

A few weeks ago the Greek League passed a new rule that teams could sign 3 American players instead of just 2 as the rules used to be. After that teams like Aris and Olympiacos signed NBA players.

Now the Greek League just announced 2 new big changes to bring more NBA players. The league will begin broadcasting games on the internet and will have a new large sports enterprise company run the league's marketing. They are also talking about making the league's website available in English. Previously, the league had no marketing budget at all. The marketing budget will be larger than the Spanish League's marketing budget.

Also, they announced that there will be a new TV deal for the league in Greece and Europe and that all clubs will be able to get their games televised and the entire league will split the TV revenues per club. Each club will then be able to pay their entire budgets and expenses out of the TV revenues.

The stated goal of this is to become the second most important national league in the world and to allow all Greek clubs to sign up to 3 NBA players.

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