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almost everyone here is a clueless microsoft fanboy or something? Its all opinions and all but don't compare the prices like $399 to $599 because the HDDVD drive is $199 and all xbox 360 owners willneed one eventually, when the game developers start using the hd dvds to take advantage of its capabilities. I'm not a genius that knows all the technical information but I know the generation information and I guarentee PS3 will win console war again. I'mnot even liking sony anymore because I have 2 broken PS2,s that can't read anymore, 1because i used it to watch DVDs a little too much. But I know Sony will win because 360 has almost no good titles except so far, after 1 year, perfect dark and gears of war. The other games are mostly available for all other consoles.

What good came out of the original Xbox? I know its a solid console and is good quality because I don't know anyone who has a brpoken xbox, but I think only Fable and Halo are games worth playing on xbox, whereas you have over 20 ps2 games that set new standards for actions/rpgs/adventures.

its still all based on your opinion but I notice everyone keep compariong the prices and its not fair at all, because the xbox360 that went for sale was an incomplete set. I also heard during the first month of sales or so, JApan or something cut their 360s to half price cuz noone wanted it. Too lazy to look up but I'm sure its true. Well im just some things out. thanks
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