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Ohhhhh yes I feel good.

I don't care if you all flame me, I think Matt Hughes has just plain been overrated this whole time, not that you guys probably didn't know that already.

170 is simply not all that great a class, it only seems that way. BJ and GSP are simply far more skilled than Hughes, and like I said before, I think Sanchez, Koschek and Fitch would have a good shot against Hughes as well.

I was sad when Mishima went down like that, but GSP's performance was more than enough to make up for it.

But we can all agree that Tim Sylvia sucks. My god that fight was horrible. I was pissed at the retards in the crowd for booing at Mishima (that's just blasphemous), but I loved them for booing Sylvia.

I hope BJ sticks around at 170, I think he is the only guy in there who can beat GSP.
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