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Default Re: Nuggets Re-Sign A. C., Who's Next??

Originally Posted by insidehoops
I have no idea how Carter has been in the NBA for so long

Here's an article about AC that I agree 100% with.
Player Report Card: Anthony Carter
Written by Nick Sclafani

The first series of posts I will be publishing are 2008-09 Player Report Cards. These report cards will be in alphabetical order by first name. Todayís offering is back up point guard Anthony Carter.

Anthony Carterís contributions last season can best summed up with one word: Unsung. After starting a career-high 67 games in the 2007-08 season while putting up career-high numbers in points, assists, and minutes per game played. AC went back to the bench in 2008-09 for 73 of his 78 appearances. And while some might think that was step back for the ten-year veteran, Iím going to go out on a limb right now and say that although all his numbers dipped in 08-09 from the season prior it was this past season which was Carterís finest to date.

The reason for Carterís return to the bench was the Denver Nuggets being able to land Chauncey Billups after a trade with the Detroit Pistons sent Allen Iverson packing just a handful of games into the season. Nevertheless, Carter was a steady offensive facilitator, pesky defender, and great teammate in every minute he played. Additionally, not many people know that Anthony Carter was the NBAís second highest assist man for point guards who primarily came off the bench last season. Carter handed out an average of 4.6 assists this season in 73 games off of George Karlís bench which was second best to only Earl Watson of Oklahoma City who averaged 5.6 dimes per game of the bench, respectively.

But whatís so much more telling about Carterís contribution than his averages of 5.3 points, 4.7 assists, and 2.6 rebounds this season was they way he was able to get the Nuggets playing fluid team basketball. When Carter would enter a game, more often than not, the basketball would turn into a hot potato and the Nuggets would get easy baskets off of the extra pass that usually started with AC. You see, basketball is a funny sport. We always talk about how this or that guy can do so much individually, but we rarely spend the same amount of time appreciating players whose play does so much more for everyone else. And while Anthony Carter will never make an All-Star team or sell a sneaker, heís one of the players in this league that plays to make the extra pass, dives on the floor for loose balls, and takes charges because it was included in the job description.

Carterís season highlights included a 20-point scoring performance in an early season loss to the Lakers, six games of double-digit assists, and eleven games with three or more steals.

But the future for Anthony Carter in Denver looks bleak to say the least. Carter is an unrestricted free agent this summer on a team with more pressing personnel to secure money for and the Nuggets already traded the Minnesota Timberwolves a future first round draft pick for rookie point guard Ty Lawson from the University of North Carolina.

Could the writing already be on the wall?

If so, and Anthony Carter did play his last game for the Nuggets in 2009 let me be the first to stand up and applaud his efforts while in Denver with a B- for last seasonís campaign. Anthony Carter definitely had a great season backing up Chauncey Billups and at a mere $797,581 in salary was worth every penny.

Underrated and vastly underappreciated IMO, especially when considering his price tag. I'm glad we re-signed him.
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