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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Moteijunas will be a top 2 pick

Why do you and so many really think aldrich is a single digit pick- I agree that he may be an nba player, but in no way is he a top 5-10 pick

Singler will move up

Can't wait to see all of the freshman to get a better idea- is favors a 3 in the nba? Will bradley play pg for texas? Which nc frontcourt players step up the biggest(does unc have a second year freshman pf from 2 years ago mcdonalds game)?

Avery bradley (though you already have him high) and malcom lee have the most potential as gaurds to move into top 10 picks

Willie warren is a tough one too- there's a good chance gallon is a dominant player and the key to that team- where's gallon, and can it be warrens team? How is his draft stock effected if he's option 2

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