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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
Henson could very well be a One & Done, he has a high NBA ceiling but he needs to be productive this season.

He could sneak up and have a 12/8/2 season and end up a Lottery Pick.

That Mock is way off base, Lance Stephenson & Renardo Sidney are Lottery Picks at worst.

There's a good chance Sidney doesn't even get to play next season and he won't get any playing time/contract on a good European team along with the fact that he's fairly overweight and his attitude towards the game and his teammates is constantly under scrutiny. No way he's a lottery pick unless he clears eligibility and has a monster freshman campaign at Miss. St.

Stephenson won't be a lottery pick, he'll be option 1B alongside Yancy Gates at Cincy anyway + the fact that he'll be going against some really good guards in the Big East.
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