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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
Henson could very well be a One & Done, he has a high NBA ceiling but he needs to be productive this season.

He could sneak up and have a 12/8/2 season and end up a Lottery Pick.

That Mock is way off base, Lance Stephenson & Renardo Sidney are Lottery Picks at worst.
What the hell are you basing that on? Both of those guys are mid first rounders at best if they declare for the 2010 draft, and that's only if they have monsterous freshman seasons.

They both have reps as immature knuckleheads, Sidney is fat going on obese, Stephenson is known as a ball-hog and is still facing criminal charges. Their stocks have fallen over the past couple years, and they will have to perform at the college level if they want to raise their stocks enough to be first round picks in the NBA draft, let alone lottery picks. This will probably take more than one college season for either of them.

If they prove me wrong, good for them. But for now, they are late first-round/early second round on any semi-credible 2010 mock draft.

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