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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

I think Henson will be making a giant mistake if he's one and done. UNC is stacked with big men and he's a STICK, I don't think a year is enough to muscle up for the NBA. He's built like Anthony Randolph Extra Lite.

Stephenson is too reliant on his strength from what I've read and has been struggling more against the developed competition.

I think Singler should be a good bit higher, he'll be a huge steal in my opinion that low.

Warren's draft stock will depend on his ability to run point.
Isn't Bradley an undersized 2 guard? I think he's a bit high too, I only see him around your projected pick if he shows to be an effective 1.
Trevor Booker is a midget and I think Ebanks will a lottery pick once he showcases his stuff this year at WVU.

I'm looking at your mock and I don't see much star talent/potential to be stars from picks 5ish+. Some good starters and role players, with the top 3/4ish picks or so being almost guaranteed talent.

If I was around 8-12, I'd take a risk and take someone like James Anderson, Ebanks, Aminu. Pure studs in my opinion. I also think with a mid 10's pick, I'd take Harris. 6'5'' and can play point.

Renardo Sidney's an overweight pig. He might do well in college, but he better shed some pounds and take intelligence pills if he wants to do well in the NBA.
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