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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
I am seriously surprised nobody on this site realizes how good Kenneth Farried is, he potentially is the Next Dennis Rodman.

Whenever a Morehead State game is on your cable channel, order it. You wont be disappointed watching the rebound and intensity show that Kenneth Farried is all about.

I actually had Faried on here initially and then took him off, I think scouts will question his level of competition and he's obviously undersized. I don't doubt he can be a solid NBA player though.

Originally Posted by el gringos
Moteijunas will be a top 2 pick

Why do you and so many really think aldrich is a single digit pick- I agree that he may be an nba player, but in no way is he a top 5-10 pick

Singler will move up

Can't wait to see all of the freshman to get a better idea- is favors a 3 in the nba? Will bradley play pg for texas? Which nc frontcourt players step up the biggest(does unc have a second year freshman pf from 2 years ago mcdonalds game)?

Avery bradley (though you already have him high) and malcom lee have the most potential as gaurds to move into top 10 picks

Willie warren is a tough one too- there's a good chance gallon is a dominant player and the key to that team- where's gallon, and can it be warrens team? How is his draft stock effected if he's option 2

Motiejunas has skills but there's more talented players in this draft. He may be a 7 footer, but his wingspan is 6'11" and that's a huge disadvantage in the NBA defensively.

Aldrich has shown he can be productive on a good college team, he'll likely be the number 1 or 2 option on a national championship team, has a sweet jumper, and he's got a 7'6" wingspan with the ability to become a defensive force.

I'm not sure if Gallon will be a one and done and his weight issues are always a factor, but if he has a productive season, he could very well be a first rounder. I'm pretty sure Mason-Griffin will be the primary playmaker for Oklahoma, but Warren will be a big time scorer and definitely has Ben Gordon potential, that alone warrents a top 5 pick IMO.

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I don't think Henson is one and done. Stanley Robinson has the potential to be a lottery pick, but he hasn't shown that he can put it all together at the same time to warrant you placing him in the top 14.

I think Robinson is going to have a breakout season this year, while he's an upperclassmen, he seems to be a late bloomer. You can't pass on a 6'9" wing prospect with his defensive skills and athleticism provided he has a productive senior season.

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I don't question his ability, its just that UNC has 5 PFs on the roster. Playing time will likely be limited.

Williams has said that he'll be running Henson at the 3 alongside Thompson and Davis as well as backing up the 4. I doubt the Wear twins get much playing time this year and Henson should see plenty of it.

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
I think Henson will be making a giant mistake if he's one and done. UNC is stacked with big men and he's a STICK, I don't think a year is enough to muscle up for the NBA. He's built like Anthony Randolph Extra Lite.

Stephenson is too reliant on his strength from what I've read and has been struggling more against the developed competition.

I think Singler should be a good bit higher, he'll be a huge steal in my opinion that low.

Warren's draft stock will depend on his ability to run point.
Isn't Bradley an undersized 2 guard? I think he's a bit high too, I only see him around your projected pick if he shows to be an effective 1.
Trevor Booker is a midget and I think Ebanks will a lottery pick once he showcases his stuff this year at WVU.

I'm looking at your mock and I don't see much star talent/potential to be stars from picks 5ish+. Some good starters and role players, with the top 3/4ish picks or so being almost guaranteed talent.

If I was around 8-12, I'd take a risk and take someone like James Anderson, Ebanks, Aminu. Pure studs in my opinion. I also think with a mid 10's pick, I'd take Harris. 6'5'' and can play point.

Renardo Sidney's an overweight pig. He might do well in college, but he better shed some pounds and take intelligence pills if he wants to do well in the NBA.

Being ultra skinny seems to not be bothering scouts much nowadays, especially considering the success of Tayshaun Prince, Chris Bosh, Kevin Durant, and soon Anthony Randolph. From what I've seen of Henson in various games, I've been very impressed.

Singler is a big question mark, could go anywhere from late lottery to early second round.

Bradley is going to be a big time two way player and I think he makes up for being undersized at the two with his elite athleticism and incredible defensive ability. I think he'll surprise a lot of people and could go top 8.
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